Country: USA
Title: Blasphemer in Celestial Courts
Label: Moribund Records
Year: 2020
Style: Black Metal

Oh, wow, this release is a proper must-have item from the USBM scene! An introduction and a monument to what this band (and its vocalist and founding member Tchort especially) represented not only to their followers but also to fellow musicians who are now taking part of or even leading the Black Metal scene in the States. Maybe I'm talking big words here, but that's my impression after reading the introductory words from the CD booklet by Odin from Moribund Records and Nybras, the band's drummer, and after playing the album twice, which sums up to double the 24 tracks featured and the CD running time of 80 minutes! Absolutely stunning compilation of unreleased and early tracks that build up the portray of a band that may well lead the underworlds of this genre. Old-school Black Metal, satanic and blasphemous to the bone, extremely expressive and demanding, far from being fit for all listeners even Black Metal listeners but still not nonsense fast riffing all the way but clever and intricate compositions complete with slow and mid-tempo passages that glorify evil; Beherit and Profanatica spring to mind here, but WOTBM are something special, something of their own, a band that allows way more space to building atmospheres, to proper satanic seances transposed to soundscapes. Amazing and not to be missed by fans of the genre! The production is raw and abrasive, but if you think that's a problem for you, this whole release is not for you (it's the truth, not saying it to roast anyone).
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10