Country: Spain
Title: Chaosvolution
Label: Art Gates Records
Year: 2017
Style: Modern Metal

Young female-fronted Spanish band founded last year, Absalem have already reached a deal with a respectable label, Art Gates, and seem to have all intentions to push as much as they can. The 10 tracks featured here are positioned on a melodic and modern type of Groove Metal with plenty of influences from many other genres, and because of Gina's vocals (but not only, some of the harmonies lead this way, too) to me it sounds like a Guano Apes gone heavier and more extreme, with hints of Arch Enemy at times. It's clear the band is still in formation, the amount of influences and elements from all over the place prove that it's still experimenting. It's not my cup of tea at all, so I'd recommend you to give this band a listen if you think you'd enjoy a modern mix of Groove Metal, Alternative Metal and Melodic Death Metal, with melody being the underlined element instead of anything else.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10