Country: UK
Title: Monument to Decay
Label: FHED
Year: 2018
Style: Death Metal

Oh man, I think Today is the day I review the heaviest Death Metal I've heard all year, and it's the last week of the year! Deus Vermin are around since 2014 and features current A Forest of Stars drummer, Mr. John Bishop, among the lines. This is the band's debut EP following the 2 tracks demo MMXVII from obviously 2017, and features 6 tracks (20 minutes of playing time) of absolutely crushing, obliterating I'd add, Death Metal with an extremely oppressive atmospheric side to it, with rhythms ranging from slow, excruciating to fast and pounding, I'd say a mostly faster and even more brutal Death Metal a la Dead Congregation. The production is dusty and dark yet clear enough to have no problems following any instrument, so I'd say they've nailed it here, it's the perfect presentation for a music like this. The compositions are quite diverse and bring in surprising influences to spice things up. The tape was released in only 50 hand-numbered copies, but the material is available online in its entirety so you can meet the band before they release their hopefully soon coming studio album. Amazing debut, just look at the cover artwork and you can get a good impresion of what you'll find here. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10