Country: Spain
Title: One Minute Silence
Label: Blood Fire Death
Year: 2020
Style: Hardcore

Hardcore is not something we meet/cover very often inhere, so obviously this is a profane's opinion, not a review per se. Nukore are a quartet hailing from Spain and they have a quite serious discography so far, this being their fourth album in 10 years. Featuring 8 tracks in less than 25 minutes of playing time, One Minute Silence sounds influenced by both the old-school of Hardcore, American Hardcore I'd say, as well as the Nu-Metal, the Metalcore and even the Groove Metal scene. The tracks are quite diverse and although the general impression is of an angry, ready for the attack band, the rhythms are varied and each track has its own identity, which is excellent for any album I'd say. With a bit more hooks and memorable choruses Nukore will storm the scene for sure but I'm sure this new album will appeal to fans of the genre without problems. Cool to see the Hardcore Metal scene still alive and kicking, still angry to the bone and ready to stand up for its beliefs which is what I respect mostly about this scene.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10