Hello! At the beginning of our chat please tell us about your first contact with folk music and folk culture.
My first important contact with folk elements in music was when I found some Jethro Tull’s CDsn in my dad’s collection. I was about sixteen, and I was about to form my first band. Of course I had known some polish folk rock or some pop inspired by folklore before, because it was quite popular in mainstream these days in Poland. But those was not so exciting and inspiring for me as Jethro Tull music. About year later I was listening to Eluveitie, Korpiklaani etc.

So, the next question is about the beginning of Netherfell. When and why it start?
It all started in high school, three members, of first lineup was from one school. First gig in 2010 we played in that school.. From beginning the main idea was playing epic music, we were all Eluveitie, Blind Guardian, Nightwish fans. We also used to read fantasy books and love films like LOTR. I think all these things were important in creating our vision for music we wanted to play. On the other hand some of members of that lineup had been playing together in death metal band.

Let’s tell us about Netherfell main inspirations.
Some of them I have mentioned. Now more important are authentic polish/ukrainian folklore music and celtic music. Also some epic film soundtracks should be metioned. On the other hand some modern metal is really inspiring for us too. We like some technical death, deathcore, but also Gothenburg melo-death.

Netherfell played some gigs. Which was the great and which you would like to forget?
I think best gig was when supporting Alestorm in our home town. It was one of our first shows, not long time after releasing first material – EP “Okryte Zapomnieniem”, and we were really amazed by crowd, especially when we found out that some people know our staff, and they made really nice moshpit. One we want to forget is when we play with negura bunget in Bielsko Biała and we were hearing absolutely nothing on stage. Unfortunately some bootleg leaks to internet, and we found out that bagpipes were horribly out of tune.

Lets talk about your debut album. Netherfell is working with new material in studio. Please tell some things about this fact.
We have recorded almost all folk instruments andvocals, we are recording rhythm section now. In January there should be first track with video clip in the internet. The whole album premier is planned for end of march.

Have you got tracklist, title, cover of album?
The title “Między Wschodem a Zachodem”, it can be translated “Beetwen East and West” and “From Down to Dust” at the same time. Our graphics guy is still working on cover. We hope he will as great job as with the EP cover. We have 13 tracks, without intros, and one of them probably won’t be included eventually.

This album will be a concept album with one story or just pieces of different tales?
There will be tracks which were written during the whole 6 years of band existing. The older ones were rearranged lately to make them sound more fitting to our current style, but lyrics are really different.

From some years in Poland we have progress of folk metal scene. Where are you in this place, in your opinion of course?
We are very glad because of that progress, when we released first EP and started to play concerts, there were less then ten bands on the scene. Few months later there were about ten bands more out there. I hope we will be one of the leading bands of this wave. What make us a bit disappointed is the fact that most of bands in Poland play old-school, usually thrash or heavy metal inspired folk metal. It is a little boring in our opinion, as we like more modern sounds. But still some new bands are really interesting, and it is nice that all of bands are helpful to each other.

And at the end of this intie, we are all living in internet era, in wwworld... Where we can catch you with your music in the net beyond FB?
The first EP was self released, and ware thought as a demo tape, so you can listen to it for free on soundcloud, youtube, myspace, last fm and other sites. The upcoming album will be available to buy on bandcamp.

And little bonus - some words just from you - just for our readers.
Because of date we have now, we want to wish everyone happy new year with a lot of great gigs and albums released. And we hope that you will give our debut LP a chance to be one of your 2015 favorite, as we worked really hard to make original, innovatory staff on one the hand, and very emotional on the other.

Questions: Vilcin 
Answers: Piotr Martuś

January 2015

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