Country: Chile
Title: Condemnatus Tormentum
Label: Independent
Year: 2016
Style: Thrash Black Death Metal

Hellbutcher form Chile are around since 2006 and have released an array of demos so far beside the debut EP Ritual Desecrationfrom 2011, and their debut album, self-titled, from last year, so what I have here is not the band's latest offering. Condemnatus Tormentum is a demo from 2016 featuring 4 tracks and clocking 17 minutes of Extreme Metal the old-school way, organic, ferocious, atmospheric and expressive. Although the first tracks starts with a keyboard intro, that is only to induce the listener into a dark, tenebrous atmosphere, and as soon as that ends, a fast, uncompromising mix of Black, Speed, Thrash and Death Metal attacks and keeps tension high throughout the whole demo, even on the last track, which is an instrumental composition but it still keeps its fanatic attitude. Instrumentally the band plays as fast and aggressive as possible, and that seems to be the overall goal, to be as menacing as possible, but the vocals somehow surprised me; I was expecting some screaming Thrash Metal vocals for some reason, but instead we get a growling or better said raspy, throat-scratching, understandable vocal singing in Spanish language, so that pretty much won over the local fans and all that can understand Spanish. All in all although not original or surprising, Hellbutcher are a honest, good quality, angry Extreme Metal band we might hear more about in the future. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6.5/10