Band: THE END A.D.
Country: USA
Title: Badlands
Label: FastBall Music
Year: 2019
Style: Punk Metal

Not exactly what I'm used to cover inhere, or even what I'm used to listen to generally, the new (second) The End A.D. album continues this band's preference for German labels; if their debut was out on Massacre, now it's time for the band to go with incessant FastBall Music and deliver 10 new tracks combining Punk, Hardcore and Groove Metal. The result is what you'd expect: a storm of heavy riffs, a rhythms section that balances between groovy and aggressive, and an angry and energetic female vocalist that's probably well fit to make you go wild during live shows. To be honest it's not something I'd listen to again if it wouldn't be for the personal, natural and honest take on lyrics and their meaning: just think that the album is named after the neighborhood where they used to rehearse and at the same time buy their drugs. So yes, if you decide to give it a chance do yourselves a favor and read the lyrics during the audition, it will widen the experience and make much more sense overall.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10