Please tell us about the history of your band and it´s members?
ZEPHYRA was formed in 2009, and hails from Borås, Sweden. Tony and Åsa started the band, along with former guitarist Henrik.
In the beginning, Tony played the drums, and ZEPHYRA was just meant to be some friends jamming some covers and a few own riffs. Very soon, that changed, and with Åsa on vocals, ZEPHYRA began the building of a professional image, making our own songs and getting out on the metal stages. 
As time has passed, the members have changed, and the sound has developed to what it is today. Tony makes most of the music, now some of it along with Tobias (bass). Åsa writes some of the lyrics, and comes up with song melodies and choruses.
We have, since the very beginning, been standing on a stabile, well structured foundation, working our way up on the metal scenes. ZEPHYRA has figured a lot in the media and has, through great self promotion, done a bunch of live shows around Sweden. Amongst others, we´ve been playing at Metaltown and Bring Out Your Dead Metal Fest. Be sure to hear a lot from ZEPHYRA. Very sure!
Current Line-up:
Åsa Netterbrant - Lead Growls/Lead Vocals
Tony Netterbrant - Guitar & Vocals
Tobias Oja - Bass & Backing Vocals
T.B.A - Drums

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music?
With influences, widely spread from Slayer and early Metallica to Evergrey, Dark Tranquillity and Iced Earth, ZEPHYRA has created a quite unique sound. The sound has since the start developed to melodic, thrashy metal, with really heavy and progressive parts. All this, along with Åsa´s growls, screams and vocals, offers a badass smack in the face.

Why should a metalhead buy your album/demo?
Cause we offer a very uniqe combination of melody, heaviness and emotions. There is nothing like ZEPHYRA. In a good way! The new EP; Kämpaglöd, really shows all the parts that we want to show, and what we want to be! Give it a shot if you haven´t done it yet. You wont be disappointed!

What have you released so far and how was your releases recieved by the public/media? 
We´ve done three releases, two of them were official. We´ve gotten reviews on all of our releases, and you really need reviews. Either if a reviewer is positive or negative to your music, a well written review, with constructive criticism, brings you good. It helps you along the way, and pushes you forward. 
On 'First Blood' we got good criticism, but was told that we needed to bring out them aggressive riffs a bit more. 
When 'First Blood' was released (4 months after the production), we were already ahead of the production, bringing that fury out!

On 'Kämpaglöd' we so far have gotten a really good response, especially from abroad, where we actually have our main fan base. 
Like Dave Ravenheart from Ravenheart Music said: "If you like your metal Thrashy and aggressive, but still maintaining a sense of melody with subtle use of keys, this may be right up your alley way"
'Behave' - Demo, 6 tracks.
Recorded & Produced by Zephyra
'First Blood' - EP, 4 tracks.
Recorded & Produced by Mathias Lodmalm (Cemetary)
'Kämpaglöd' - EP, 6 tracks.
Recorded & Produced by Zephyra

Do you play live as well? How´s your live activity so far? 
We´ve been playing quite a lot around the southern parts of Sweden. Last year we also were honored with a gig at the great Gothenburg festival Metaltown. The past year we've been more complete on stage, carefully working out a stage outfit along with new side drops and a backdrop. ZEPHYRA is energetic on stage, and always puts up with a good show!

What should labels/zines/promotors know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
We offer an unique sound, and we are a complete band to work with. We have a very professional hand with arrangers, media and all the folks we have around us. ZEPHYRA is hard working band, with a strong structure. We have found our style, and we are very protective with it.

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
The closest task for us is to rehearse and get tight with a new drummer. We´ll be playing live the whole year, combining it with a large project of promotion for our songs and ZEPHYRA itself. ZEPHYRA have just signed a promotion deal with Ravenheart Music, and we are very greatful to have the chance to work along with such fantastic people. Just as every band, we´re also gonna continue our work with getting sponsors to the band. Money makes it all so much easier. Some new material is under production too, for a greater purpose I can say. 

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
All the links to our music is on our official website:
You´ll find our music on 
Get in on Facebook, hit like, and be a part of the ZEPHYRA CAMP!
You are most welcome! 

March 2013