Country: Switzerland
Title: Endless Restless
Label: Fastball Music
Year: 2020
Style: Alternative Metal

Although founded back in 2012, Swiss female fronted quintet Devils Bridge started actually releasing their music only last year, and this new material, the 6 tracks Endless Restless EP, is their first official output after two singles. Not much to fully define a band that's been active for the past 8 years (or were they really?), but probably this is just the beginning, and signing with a reputable label as Fastball Music means they are in for good now. Musicwise Devils Bridge is a mix between Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal and Groove Metal, not very much on my taste to tell you the truth, but quite accessible for a large variety of Rock and Metal listeners, especially because of the female vocals. I don't like the mix that much, the vocals are too upfront and when performing the instrumental part is somehow left behind leaving all spotlights on the vocals. Other than that it seems a pretty professional, well thought music, mostly within common patterns of the genre, but also with a slight touch of experimentalism here and there (I felt the old-school Hardcore touches are something the band should keep on adding in the future, too). 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10