Country: Poland
Title: Minds Led Astray
Label: Independent
Year: 2020
Style: Progressive Death Metal

Second full-length by this Polish trio, and still independently released by themselves, which is a shame as I'm sure less people will have the chance to meet their music then if it were to be released by a label with extensive promo network. Anyway, that's their choice, let's get to the music on this album. 10 tracks, almost 45 minutes in length offering an atmospheric, sometimes dissonant, sometimes groovy, but always hypnotizing Progressive Death Metal highlighted by a dark and dense atmosphere, complex guitar work, oppressive rhythm section and a vocal part that I confess I needed a few CD spins to get into, and not because of the guy's capacity, but of the mix (the vocals somehow sound in line with the instruments never leading or standing out like vocals are supposed to in my opinion) and the overall lethargic atmosphere the band manages to slip the listener into, or at least it had that effect on me. If you play a track every now and then it sounds fantastic, you'll enjoy it for sure, but playing the album in its entirety somehow proves to be tiresome. We are dealing with quality Death Metal with a deep atmospheric and progressive (read complex and dissonant structures) orientation, but also with slightly melodic edges to all this heaviness, and if you pass over this album's relative impenetrability at first "sight" you'll have plenty to discover throughout its entire duration, and that's probably its best asset, the surprise effect, even though it has a certain flow and groove, you'll never know what to expect next on this Minds Led Astray album. Yet again, not an easy listening. Released in classy 6 panel digipak CD version that is definitely worth its money.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10