Country: Holland
Title: Brothers in Blood
Label: FA Records
Year: 2018
Style: Thrash Metal

Damn, this one is as Metal as an album can be! The third full-length album from Dutch Project Pain is an absolute blast for any Thrash Metal follower out there; clearly reminding of Slayer, it has also good hints of Testament or even Megadeth, but that's less important. What's important here is the energy and aggression it manages to transmit to the listener, and that's because of the intensive drumming, incisive bass lines, demented and catchy guitar riffs and spicy solos, and last but not least because of the angry, hate-filled vocals. Brothers in Blood will make you first feel proud to be a metalhead, then will pump you up to be ready for some serious moshing, and ultimately will boil your blood for straight on battle; if you'll play this to a bunch of old bats before their Sunday church be sure they'll rip their heads off later when they meet, and the last track here is like a promise this will happen (it's the fastest one on the record), haha. Seriously now, the third album from these Dutch maniacs is a gem of traditional Thrash Metal with no extra influeneces, not tricks, no detours, try it out!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10