Country: Canada
Title: Holocaust over Dresden
Label: Satanath / Death Portal
Year: 2017
Style: Black Metal

Wow, this new album from Canadian Black Metal beasts Hak-Ed Damm rips everything apart damn it! Celebrating 10 years since the band's foundation, Holocaust over Dresden is a 9 tracks effort clocking abit under 45 minutes of playing time, a concept album I could say, about the second World war, a theme many bands avoid nowadays for the fear of being considered NS affiliated. But what these gguys deliver on this album is fantastic, a devastating proof of annihilating Black Metal mostly fast paced and uncompromising, but with plenty of surprises (like the acoustic guitar intermezzo that makes track 5 bringing a sad reminder of the atrocities at Auschwitz-Birkenau, or the sound effects they so masterfully use during this album). The guitar work is complex and expressive having no problem absorbing influences from Thrash and Death Metal, too, the drums are no less than amazing, the bass lines have their own, inspiring and influencial agenda, and the vocals are the cherry on top of this Black Metal cake, just imagine a more pissed-off, hunderd times more aggressive Dani Filth, fantastic pitch on both screams and growls. I'm so impressed on everything about this album than I can hardly find anything I dislike or better said like less than the rest, maybe only the booklet pictures could have been bigger, and maybe I would have liked a bit more or more extended sound effects, to get the war and terror atmosphere even more in my head. Now I'm out, have to ask my wife to check if my ears are bleeding or even there anymore, wow, don't miss this massacre of an album!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 10/10