Country: Poland
Title: Pora umierac
Label: Godz ov War Productions
Year: 2018
Style: Punk Black Metal

To be honest I was really suspicious when I saw this band's presenting a mix of Punk and Black Metal because nowadays a lot of bands are using this "excuse" to mask their lack of technical quality and potential, but I'm glad I was proven wrong by Truchlo Strzygi. After using Google Translate I think the band's name means something like "the dead undead" or a "killed vampire", not sure how accurate is that but after browsing this debut album's booklet I tend to go on this option. The graphic art used for the booklet and cover art is very good and I'm sure it blends perfectly with the lyrics, but since they are in Polish I can't understand a thing. Musically speaking we're treated with Punk drum rhythms, guitar riffs and an upfront bass lines, plus Venom-type vocals, but the occasional incursions into the fastest and most evil sounding (traditional) Black Metal are the highlight for me, the combination between these two is just great in Truchlo Strzygi's case, and the great thing is each track has its own sound and path, the band is not afraid in experimenting and changing rhythms all the time. Thinking of it, although I don't understand Polish (would have been fantastic), this is one of the best Punk Black Metal materials I've heard, very diverse and very catchy at the same time with still demostrating the band's members are not novices either. Polish fans should definitely try this out, I think it will become an instant hit within the local scene, but I also recommend it to any other Punk and Metal fan, especially old-school fans, as it is quite accessible for anyone.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10