Band: А за Солнцем Луна...
Country: Russia
Title: На метле к звёздам
Label: Hexencave Productions
Year: 2021
Style: Black Metal

Google Translate says the band name would translate something like And behind the Sun the Moon..., but I wouldn't be so sure about that. Although I see this practice more and more nowadays, I still believe is counterproductive to restrict your band to Russian speaking population only because obviously all lyrics are in Russian, too. Anyway, this is the band's debut album, after an EP and two demos released in the previous 2 years since the band was founded. We get 12 tracks in almost 45 minutes of old-school ('90's type) Symphonic Black Metal characterized by a raw and quite organic production, dark atmospheres, mostly fast-paced rhythms, a variety of vocals from shrieks to clean to female vocals, in perfect tone with the cover artwork. We get this old-school feeling also because of the brutal overall compositions darkened and somehow mystified by '90's type Symphonic keyboards, and the result is in perfect tone with the cover artwork; just think of old Tvangeste, or Der Gerwelt with a slight touch of Pagan Metal, and you're on the right path, although А за Солнцем Луна... is more aggressive and straight-forward. Not sure how much this album will appeal to the new generation, but nostalgics for the '90's Sympho Black Metal will certainly find something to chew on here, and the fact it is limited to only 100 copies makes it even more valuable of course. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10