Country: Switzerland
Title: Minotaur
Label: Art Gates
Year: 2018
Style: Power Metal

What a misleading name for a band (unless it signifies something else that I'm thinking it does)... I was actually expecting some sort of Gore Grind music, but instead Swiss Gonoreas are actually a Power Metal combo with quite a serious background under-belt this one being their sixth full-length album to date since their foundation in 1994! Minotaur offers 10 tracks in 45 minutes of playing time, a mid-tempo to fast paced traditional Power Metal with Hard Heavy and Heavy Metal edges, highlighted by a great, great vocalist with both powerful and melodic tonalities and a perfect control all the time, a guitar work that offers both a metallic, powerful approach and plenty of technical ambitions to please the most picky fans of the genre, and last but not least the rhythm section sounds steady and supportive enough for the compositions to sound so solid and massive. Unfortunately the band lacks in offering memorable moments, especially memorable choruses for some tracks to stand out from the rest and actually make the album shine, even Behind the Wall, the album's ballad, sounds heartwarming but like somehow incomplete. It sounds good as a whole but gives you the impression the band is yet to reach its full potential, which is not bad either, isn't it?
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10