Country: Hungary
Title: Destination · Decay
Label: Total Därkness Propaganda
Year: 2021
Style: Death Metal

Featuring Borisz Sarafutgyinov, the new vocal of German Death Metal legends Fleshcrawl, Deprived of Salvation seem to be in for the kill for sure. They've gotten together in 2019 and have already released an EP the same year, this debut album in 2020, and this year a new EP, so it seems they are dead-serious about it, which is refreshing to see, hopefully the new Fleshcrawl job won't slow it down. As I was saying, this debut album was initially released by the band digitally in 2020, and given the CD treatment by TDP in early 2021 in form of an 8 pages booklet jewel-case CD. We get 11 tracks in a bit over half an hour of playing time, a fat sounding, rusty, gnarly, chunky, brutal and groovy Swedish Death Metal with some (few indeed) melodic guitar touches here and there; old Grave, Entombed even Fleshcrawl obviously, and maybe a bit of Asphyx and Bolt Thrower pop to mind while playing this album, so you know exactly what to expect. They don't stand out with anything in particular, maybe only with the brutality they approach the old Swedish Death Metal, but the compositions are nice-flowing, not boring at all, honest-sounding, varied within the confines of this genre, precise and powerful, what else you need? I'm curious where this band will evolve from here. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10