Country: Spain
Title: Azoth
Label: BlackSeed Productions
Year: 2019
Style: Black Metal

One-man band from Madrid started back in 2005 as Chains of Beleth (I've actually heard of it, and most probably also listened to some of its music) that changed moniker in 2016 and this is its second full-length album as Mystagos, a 7 tracks effort clocking almost 40 minutes of playing time. Let's start to what i don't like on it: the drum programming is too happy-happy joy-joy at times in total contrast with the introspective music the band delivers, then is the mixing of vocals too in front of the instruments which is not always fair, and to end with the compositions that at times are too stretched out, they sound artificially extended and fall into apathy, not to say monotony. What I have enjoyed is the vocals versatility ranging from hoarse to clean, the general atmosphere which, passing over the drums, is as desolate and tormented as it could be, very spot-on, and to finish with the simple yet excellent cover artwork that sticks to your mind at first glance. All in all I have better enjoyed the full-on fast paced Black Metal outbursts on this album than the somehow doomy, most experimental passages, but after the audition it left me with a "it could have been better" taste. Check it out if you're into obscure sounding, dense Black Metal with serious atmospheric layers.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10