Country: Ukraine
Title: Freakingface
Label: Metal Scrap Records
Year: 2020
Style: Progressive Melodic Thrash Metal

It seems Druknroll have found the perfect timing between albums to stay fresh and avctive in the minds of their listeners; they release an album every 2 years, and maybe sprinkle a EP here and there to keep things even more active. This one here is their sixth album, made of 5 tracks from their previous two EPs (except for a track, Doomed Love, all others are featured here, and now I wonder why they have left it out), plus five new tracks for a total of 10 into almost 50 minutes of playing time. Freakingface continues exactly where the previous album, Unbalanced, left us, displaying a professional sounding, inventive and borderless material that could be labelled as melodic, progressive and groovy Thrash Metal. I loved Unbalanced and hoped for the band to stay on course for the next album, too, and I'm glad they did, this new album is as surprising, technical, heavy, and daring as I would have hoped for, but there's a major problem, I can't stand the production on it, everything sounds so chaotic and stuffed that I keep finding myself being drown thinking of a particular instrument rather than enjoying the compositions as a whole; the drums are also mixed so upfront they steal all attention from the riffs most of the times, and then the keyboards are so '90's stuffed sounding that one struggles to get them. I still consider Druknroll as being on the right course with this new genre they took, and I feel they definitely have the right potential to become major players in this genre, but this album has failed on me because of its production, don't know if it's only my impression, so if you have a chance give this band a try, they are really something else!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10