Country: Hungary
Title: Bittersweet Temptation To Disappear Completely
Label: Independent
Year: 2019
Style: Atmospheric Black Metal

Well, I've seen this labeled as Blackened Funeral Doom, but since I don't agree with the characterization much I preferred to pinpoint it to the Atmospheric Black Metal territory. The debut album of this trio from the capital of Hungary is a great demonstration that the underground is always, and I mean always!, full of surprises, good surprises. Only 4 tracks within half an hour of playing time, Madra treats us with a doomy Atmospheric Black Metal highlighted by an excellent drumming (complex and intense at times, subtle and supportive at others, but always clever and totally path-clearing for this band; I wonder who the drummer is, he's a killer!), rare vocal inserts that act more like an instrument in the background even when they are present, enhancing the depressive, highly emotional atmosphere portrayed here, repetitive and hypnotic at times guitar riffs that range between fast and sharp Black Metal riffs and oppressive Doom Metal riffs, and last but not least the Victorian touch, a piano to add more melancholia to the pot, sometime (like on track 2) acting like a lead guitar, adding the memorable touch to the track; there's also a dense but subtle keyboard background worth mentioning here. An excellent debut album, one that puts pressure on this band to follow-up with something even better and hopefully longer than this one. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10