Aggressor has been playing manty years, but please talk about a piece of your long history for metalfans outside Poland.
Aggressor started in the 80s. At first our music genre we used to call "egg thrash" (big balls thrash - Vilcin) and our first demo tapes included a lot of humorous motives. These times were prosperous times for metal music in Poland, so we started to play a lot of gigs with other underground bands like Vader, Wolf Spider, Imperator and bigger concerts with Turbo. Some time afterwards we turned on to death metal way and when good prosperity ended, we came to our flats with pints or bottles of vodka, ha, ha. A lot time ago we met again in Aggressor, but just only two old members were here, so we self-released two albums: "Live Eternally" and "Crisis".

"Crisis" included very known motifs from our local "little hell", please tell about it. Sentence "Arbeit macht frei" had got a new history from some time...
We don't care, this sentence is our opinion about globalisation process, in our opinion this is just dangerous for our personal freedom.

OK, let's back to the music, what about your gigs, how are people's reactions, what aobut your future plans?
Our plan for the nearest future is release new album at the end of this year. It will be a self-released material, without any labels, because we got a lot of positive opinions about our music but no one wants to release us. The material is ready, we have to come to studio and record it. We play not so many concerts, because we work in our jobs and there is recession on concerts market. Big fests are full of fans, but small, underground gigs' situation is very hard... If you ask about our gigs, we can tell that we always play gigs on 100% powerage, so our fans can't be disappointed.

What about cooperate with Godz ov War?
We are so glad to be able to cooperate with Greg, he is a real metal fan and he helps us a lot. Glory for him and big thanks!

Let’s talk about your private music fascinations, what about it? How it influenced Aggressor’s sounds?
We like death metal of course and different genres of death metal. We keep old, good Death, but Morbid Angel too, however new Morbid Angel’s album is a strange and different creature... We like Vader, we listen to young bands. I’m sure that a big influence on our music had Napalm Death and Terrorizer.

You are classic oldschool band, also we live in Internet Era, so when we can find Aggressor in Net?
Of course we exist on the internet, our official website is and and after "googling” you can find a lot of links for recordings and clips.

Let’s back to the past... You released "Crisis” but earlier you recorded "Live Eternally” and some promo materials, are these available in not-mp3 versions? Have you been playing tracks live from 80th’s demos?
This old material is not available on the internet, but some maniacs uploaded it on youtube. We don’t play this material live, in this moment we have got connection with the past only by the name "Aggressor” and two musicians from the oldest crew.

At the end I would like to push "your agresor high” so I’ll ask about the name. I count five bands called "Aggressor”, have you ever contacted with someone of them?
Well, we aren’t in touch with other Agrressors, however I can tell you the idea of this name. By the time when we started playing probably some other Aggressors existed in the world, I don’t know, these times we hadn’t good information about it. In the 80s there wasn't such a good information circle. We taken the name "Aggressor” from one of Hell Hammer’s track.
Ok, I'm just leaving you in peace ;) so just on the end, some words from you, Pommerania metal maniacs for other piece of Metal World.
Time had shown that metal maniacs believe in our music, metal music has power and makes people brave. I wish you would come to our gigs, we could play whatever in the World, he, he...

Robert "Nasty" Kaczmarek - wokal, gitara basowa
Stanisław "Stan" Jocz - gitara elektryczna
Daniel "Hacel" Szymanowicz - gitara elektryczna
Piotr "Zwierzak" Owerko - perkusja

Aggressor - demo 1988 
Demo Tape - demo 1988 
Notoric Drinkers - demo 1989 
Still Delirium - demo 1990 
Alcoholic Noise Formation - demo 2005 
Live Eternally – CD 2008 
Crisis – CD 2010 

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Answers by Stan
Interviewed by Vilcin

June 2011