Country: Germany
Title: Uprising
Label: Wolfsgrimm Records
Year: 2016
Style: Epic Black Metal

Oh man, in nowadays Black Metal if the Polish are very good at delivering different facets of it, with plenty of influences and avantgarde directions, the Germans are exceptional at delivering both traditional, sharp, somber Black Metal and epic, melodic, majestic forms of Black Metal. And we're talking about the later in Uprising's case, a one man band (Waldgeflüster's founding and main member) presenting here its debut full-length album which by now is quite old, but since I got the follow-up, too, I decided to say a few words about it too. 7 tracks in 40 minutes of playing time, an Epic Black Metal that will probably be compared to Bathory's work, but still way more aggressive, more brutal yet maintaining a strong melodic line. All tracks are catchy, inventive, energetic and technical, supported by a top production, and although following traditional patterns of the genre, they are far from being copycats of anything else, I think Uprising managed to created its own identity even from this debut album. I've spinned it twice now and honestly it grows more and more on me, if I weren't supposed to get into the next album I would stick to this for the rest of the day at least. It's released in form of a Digipak CD and I think it's still pretty much available so I urge you to give it a listen on Bandcamp and decide for yourselves especially if you're into Melodic and Epic Black Metal.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9.5/10