Country: Hungary
Title: Néma gyász
Label: Filosofem Records
Year: 2012 (re-release 2020)
Style: Atmospheric Black Metal

Good idea from Witcher to re-release this debut EP from 2012 (with a bonus track, from the same year split with Velm) as it was first out in very limited edition so I guess not many people got to have it in their collection, and with this occasion the band keeps it's presence active on the scene since their latest album in 2019, and also celebrated 10 years of activity. As mentioned this also features a 15 minutes long bonus track which takes the total duration to more than 40 minutes, easily like a full-length album. The music is actually not far from what Witcher plays nowadays, Atmospheric Black Metal with haunting, melancholic keyboards as the most memorable element, the center-piece if I might say so. The album is based on a mid-tempo drumming built on a fast double-pedal layer, tremolo guitar riffs and not much on the side, plus non-versatile raspy vocals that are comprehensive but the lyrics are in Hungarian, so only native-speaking listeners will enjoy the lyrics actually. Overall is a nice experience: dark, melancholic, somber, and cold soundscape that remains me of the '90's Atmospheric Black Metal bands both because of the keyboards tone and the simplistic approach on drums and guitars. I'm very curious to hear what this band will offer us on their new album, this EP is the proof they are active, so I hope we will get some new stuff from them soon. This CD comes with 6 pages booklet with lyrics and a nice touch, a band logo sticker on the front of the jewel-case that will make you think it's part of the cover art, but it's not.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10