Country: Italy
Title: In Absence
Label: Buil2Kill Records
Year: 2018
Style: Progressive Death Metal

Fifth studio album from Italy's Coram Lethe, 8 tracks clocking 45 minutes of Death Metal to the bone. Although I'm not impressed by the album cover artwork (it didn't catch my attention at all, sory to the guy who painted it...), and even less impressed by the band's logo (usually I have no comments on a band's logo, but this one I don't like at all), these guys as a band certainly look like a Death Metal band, like a band you'd want to be a fan of, especially if you're a '90's teen like me, the band picture presents a solid, serious line-up, one capable of delivering some massive Death Metal music. And to my delight they are actually doing it, the music on In Absence sounds old-school (end '90's - beginning '00's) Death Metal with good, clear production, oppressive atmosphere, some sinister riffs here and there, alongside some progressive and melodic riffs and leads, a visceral vocal the sounds comprehensive enough to let you follow the lyrics, and a rhythm section that will make you say "now this is real Death Metal!". It's not an innovative or ground-breaking material, but it's a very well structured and delivered piece of Metal, professionally produced, as diverse and surprising as it should be, and offering a fine balance between melody, brutality and technical experimentation. Not sure how much this music will appeal to the new generation, but to the '90's Death Metal teens this will be a blast... now let me spin it again and again for the rest of the day!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10