Country: Germany
Title: The Stench of Mutilated Corpses
Label: Independent
Year: 2021
Style: Gore Grind

This one give you no warning and no preparation time for what's about to happen! The 38 tracks (!) debut album by Corpseater starts off in full Gore Grind blast, demented and utter destructive speed and debauchery by Ron, the guy behind this one man band started back in 2014. Anyway, there were lots of EPs and splits that somehow opened the path for this debut album, so I guess in advised circles the name Corpseater is no longer new. Although it's made of 38 tracks (some of them end abruptly and I hate that), the album doesn't last for much more than 15 minutes, most of the tracks being under half a minute in length, and for untrained ears this will be complete torture for the whole 15 minutes; there's not much variation between tracks, but I can sense some old-school Grindcore tracks based on American sounding guitar riffs one can also find in the Death Grind scene from the early '90's United States. This is brutality from start to finish, not much to discuss on it, but what I find a very good idea is the CD booklet comes with an interesting Splatter / Zombie story and nice artwork, the bad thing is they don't make much sense meaning the story is all over, not following a comprehensive line, and the artwork that should go hand in hand with it doesn't have much to do with it for the most part, but again, I appreciate the idea and I think that if Ron puts some more effort in it next time he might get something worthy of being discovered. Unfortunately the conclusion after this self-released debut album is that Corpseater doesn't have a definite idea on what is it after, it still searches for something of its own. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10