Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
Stormfront was started in early 1996 in Lillehammer, Norway by V. Evensen – bass, A. Haakenaasen – guitars, E. Beckhaug – drums & vocals. Stormfront started playing some cover songs by Darkthrone and Mayhem, but within a couple of months we started composing our own music. During the end of the year we had composed four songs, and went to a studio where we recorded three of them. These tracks ended up on the demo-tape “Styggmyrs Triumf” which was released in 1997. The demo-tape sold quite well, and around 300 tapes was sold before No Colours Records one day made a phone call. They wanted to release the demo-tape on a split mini-CD with Gaahlskagg, and in 1999 the CD was released in 1000 copies. After this Stormfront was put on hold because A. Haakenaasen moved away from Lillehammer, and V. Evensen went on and formed the band Styggmyr. In 2009 E. Beckhaug and V. Evensen started talking about starting up Stormfront again, and V. Evensen changed from bass to guitars and vocals. Shortly before the recording E. Beckhaug decided to not join, and V. Evensen contacted J. M. from his other band Styggmyr and asked if he would join on bass and drums. Three songs were recorded which ended up on a split-EP with Necrostrigis from Poland on Triumf Productions and a split-tape on Tour de Garde in 2012. After this release J. M. decided to quit music, and V. E. was suddenly the only member of Stormfront. However V. E. decided to keep Stormfront alive and in 2016 the recording of the album “Djevelpakt” started. This time V. E. ended up handling all the instruments. V. E. told the news about the recording of the album to a long-time friend and fan of Stormfront, D. S. from Germany, and he asked if V. E. needed help with the recording. This resulted in an intro, an outro and a lead guitar on one of the tracks from the album. This ended up with a new deal with No Colours Records. 26th of June 2017, exactly 20 years and 20 days after the demo, the album “Djevelpakt” was released.

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? 
The style of Stormfront is raw black metal with depressive melodies, and it´s recorded with the sound from the Norwegian 90s black metal. No polished sound like many of the modern black metal bands. Bands that have influenced Stormfront must be early Emperor, early Darkthrone, early Immortal, the old Burzum albums without being a copy of any of them. Other bands could also be mentioned, but it´s no specific band that inspires more than other bands. During the writing process of Stormfront, V. E. does not listen to any black metal at all. This prevents the music to be too much inspired from other bands, but it is somehow possible to hear that the music is inspired from these bands, but maybe more like a mix of all of them into an own style. The lyrics are mainly antichristian/blasphemic stories, ancient Norwegian Devil worship and some are based upon dark mythology no matter what ancient culture it belongs to. 

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
Metalheads that like raw black metal with a 90s sound, that also can enjoy depressive melodies in their black metal, should check out Stormfront. If you miss the sound and simplicity of the 90s from Norway, I think Stormfront is something for you.   

What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? 
Stormfront has released the demo-tape “Styggmyrs Triumf,” (1997) the split mini-CD Gaahlskagg/Stormfront “Erotic Funeral Part I/Styggmyrs Triumf” (1999), Stormfront/Necrostrigis “The Forgotten Demons Of Ancient Glory” (2012), “Fandens Triumf” (2016) and “Djevelpakt” (2017). All the releases have been received quite well in media, at least the reviews I have read. I remember reading two bad reviews from the demo tape when it was released in 1997, but after this I have not read one bad review. The public has been giving very good feedback all the way, and that is quite nice after putting so much effort into Stormfront. Then again, the most important is that I am pleased with the result after each recording since Stormfront has done what felt right when the music was recorded.

Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?
So far Stormfront is not capable of playing live because the lack of members. Here in Lillehammer it´s no big music scene and finding band members and a rehearsal place are quite difficult. Hopefully this will change in the future, but not until I find members that are dedicated enough to join Stormfront live. Live musicians might be possible to find, but I don´t want to play live with session members unless they are into black metal and have the right attitude. 

What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
The black metal Stormfront plays, is black metal with the true spirit! We offer no compromise, and focus on the right spirit and not advanced music with polished sound! Labels/zines/promoters must be aware of that Stormfront will not release one album each year, since Stormfront focus on quality rather than quantity. The inspiration must be right when composing music and writing lyrics and if the music end up without the right spirit it will never be released. No one can push Stormfront to compose and record. Stormfront uses an own studio for recording, and sometimes it can take long and sometimes it goes fast. It all depends if the mood is right or not. Stormfront also prefers to do they layout for the artwork, and the labels releasing Stormfront only have to take care of the cost of printing and promoting.

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
The next plans for Stormfront, is to compose music and write lyrics for the next release. Stormfront has been asked to participate on a compilation that will be out winter 2018, and there has also been a couple of requests to do some split-releases. The first song for next release has been recorded, but if this will end up on a split or if it will be a new album or an EP has not yet been decided. It all depends on the inspiration and the mood, but right now the main plan is to record a full album. Time will tell, but it will not take another 20 years to release a new album. The inspiration is good these days, and when winter arrives in Norway the inspiration will grow even stronger.  

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
It´s possible to hear Stormfront on YouTube or through the official Facebook-page of Stormfront. When you are searching for Stormfront, please be aware that it´s also a nazi-organization named Stormfront. We are NOT that organization! If you want to hear the old material (which is long sold out) you can search for “Styggmyrs Triumf.” If you want to hear a song from the 2012 split-EP you can search for “All Ære Til Fandens Menn.” It´s also possible to hear three songs from the “Djevelpakt” album by searching for either “Goddess Of Death,” “Fimbulvinter” or “Det Festes For Fanden I Natt” combined with the word Stormfront.
If you want to buy the Stormfront “Djevelpakt” album you can get your hands on it through one of these web stores: No Colours Records, Christhunt Productions, Hells Headbangers, Katakomben Oslo or Nuclear War Now! The album is limited to only 500 copies, and 25% of the total numbers pressed are already sold.
If you want to get hold of the CD-r compilation “Fandens Triumf” with the 5 tracks form the split with Gaahlskagg or Necrostrigis it is possible to order this straight from Stormfront by sending an e-mail to: 

September 2017