Country: Spain
Title: Akocedakor
Label: Independent
Year: 2019
Style: Death Grind

Although this is already an old album (by the time you're reading this, it is 3 years old), the band hasn't released anything else since then and it seems they are still promoting this one with the help of Blood Fire Death Promotion whom I got it from. The band was founded in 2004 under the Akocedakor moniker which lasted until 2010 when they took a break until 2015 when they got back to it under the current band name. As Akocedakor they only released a demo, and as Metator another demo in 2018 and this debut album a year later, so we're dealing here with a band that rarely shows what they are working with, maybe its not that serious after all. Anyway, this debut album is made of 11 tracks (10 originals and a cover of Motorhead's Bomber) and clocks 42 minutes of music, a pretty long release for the genre I'd say. The music on it is extreme, fast-paced, merciless, pounding from start to finish Death Grind with a few Black Metal influences on guitars here and there, and all this lead by a fanatic throaty guttural vocal that's present almost everywhere and steals all the show with its mix in front of the instruments. There are some demented screams supporting the gutturals here and there, but basically they make listening to the instruments a real challenge and reduce the overall impact on the audience after a while, remember, this is a 42 minutes long Death Grind devastation, definitely not for the uninitiated. Try it out of you're into extremely brutal Death Grind, if you can get past the omnipresent vocals this album can make a cool audition.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6.5/10