Country: Sweden
Title: Det djävlanästet
Label: Viceral Vomit Records
Year: 2018
Style: Punk Black Metal

Not sure how this is considered a full-length album since it features indeed 8 tracks, but clocks only 18 minutes of playing time... The band's debut album, Terror, Incest and Death from 2014, featured 14 tracks with a total playing time of over half an hour. Anyway, being considered an album, this is the second opus from Swedish duo Aggressive Mutilator, a deeply old-school oriented group not only in what concerns its music (primitive, aggressive Punk Black Metal) and production (organic and rough), but also when it comes to discography style (plenty of demos release) and discography formats (many tapes, even this album is release on tape limited to 100 copies). The 8 tracks featured here are very difgferent one from another, from very Punk oriented like the title tracks and the closing track, to visceral Black Metal like the 6th and 7th tracks that would make Shining pale (the vocals made me think of Shining's Niklas, nothing else), to the sinister keyboard interludes that will remind you of the mute horror classic movies like Nosferatu. Lo-fi Punk Black Metal with devastating attitude, recommended!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10