Country: Greece
Title: Year of the Harvester
Label: Bowel of Noise
Year: 2018
Style: Black Metal

A double album seems like a suicidal attempt nowadays when we allow less and less time for music audition, when all is about speed and the lack of time, but then again thinking straight if one is interested for real this will only be an extra gift which will filter the "untrue" out. Archemoron quite deserve some true fans, they've been around for almost 2 decades now and this is their fourth full-length album (third under this moniker) and judging by how good it is, I'd say they've reached their maturity peak as a band, as composers. We're offered here 10 tracks in a bit over 80 minutes, orbiting around Black Metal, and more specifically Epic Black Metal. The compositions are aired, well-thought and well layered, it's like they took their time, not rushing anything, keeping things exactly how they wanted them to be; there's a place for fast paced uncompromising Black Metal, another for more Doomy moments, traditional Hard Heavy Metal manifests itself through some rad guitar leads and solos, there's plenty of melody all over, but there's also plenty of solemn, commanding passages that transpire respect for the core of this genre. I'd say Archemoron should deserve more attention from all Black Metal fans, but especially from those into that specific type of Greek Black Metal, they certainly bring that Greek flavor forward. I have one single problem with this release, and that is the last track, Those of the Suffering, which is so repetitive that at my first audition I had to skip a few minutes, and at my second audition I skipped it almost completely; maybe I didn't get the idea behind it, but I find the rest of the album way above and beyond this composition.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10