Country: Norway
Title: Refuse to Rot
Label: Great Dane Records
Year: 2018
Style: Death Metal

If a mix between Dismember and At The Gates sounds interesting, you might give this band's debut album a chance. Befouled are from Norway, but their music is heavily inspired and influenced by old-school Swedish Death Metal, and apart that cruncy guitar sound that's a trademark for it, and the fact that Tomas Skogsberg mixed and mastered it, Befouled's debut album offers some serious Swedish Death Metal compositions combining Groovy Death Metal or Death'n'Roll, with that Epic, almost melodic Death lead by catchy guitar lines, and with screaming vocals a la Tomas Lindberg seconded by some growling vocals here and there. 12 tracks in almost 40 minutes of playing time, Refuse to Rot sounds not only promising for a new band, but also convincing, it's clear that we're dealing here with a bunch of musicians that know what they are after. I'd say they only need to work on delivering catchier choruses, something kids cand grab to, and we're off to a memorable band here. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10