Country: Czech Republic
Title: Raised by Wolves
Label: 7hard Records
Year: 2018
Style: Folk Metalcore

Quite a forced sounding combination, isn't it? Folk and Hardcore / Metalcore aren't naturally close, but this Czech group is stubborn enough not only to try this combination but actually keep working on it on multiple releases, so if their debut album, the 2011 Lead - Not Follow, had some Groove traces and influences, the second already explored this mix with Hardcore, and now they even got further with adding this Metalcore edge, or better said a combination of old-school Hardcore with this modern Metalcore thing. The Folk side is well represented by lots of parts made by ethnic and classic instruments like flute, shawm, whistle, pipe, and there's even 2 violin players featured in the 8 members line-up of Cruadalach. It is, indeed, an interesting material, and it's clear the band devoted some serious time to finding a fine balance between groove, classic Metal patterns, Folk influences and even some of their old Extreme Metal inserts and still offering a memorable music which they almost did, this is something different that glues to your mind for some time even after the audition. The question is how the new generation, the Metalcore fanatics, will embrace the Folk side of it and viceversa, how the Pagan / Folk Metal followers will "compromise" enjoying this Core edge. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10