Country: Colombia
Title: Bellum Est Pater Omnium
Label: Grimm Distribution / Morbid Skull Records
Year: 2018
Style: Black Metal

The truth is I haven't heard in quite a long time an album (or a demo, EP, whatever) starting out with a classic music intro; Colombian Evil Nerfal used classic music for both the intro and the outro of this second album of theirs, the intro is Beethoven's Coriolan, well, a part of it, and the outro a part of Egmont by the same composer. Unfortunately both cuts end very abruptly, there's not even a simple fade out used, they just cut parts of those areas and thrown them onto their album, a very unsuccessful idea from my point of view, not to mention that if you like classical music too after this intro you'll be tempted to leave Evil Nerfal's music for a new audition of Beethoven's masterpieces. The Colombians offer a quite raw, unpolished form of Black Metal, 8 tracks (plus the already mentioned intro and outro) clocking 40 minutes of playing time. The production is far from being top notch, but at least in allows the listener to distinguish and enjoy each instrument in part. Traditional Black Metal with occasional influences from other genres llike Heavy Metal or Death Metal, that to me reminds of the incipient Black Metal scene in Greece, even the production reminds me of it now that I think of it better, and the semi-acoustic melodic guitar solos and leads are on the same path as well. If you're a fan of classical Greek and South American Black Metal and you're used to a rougher, dirtier production this material may offer some nice surprises, but if you're in search of the next star fo the "mainstream" of the genre look elsewhere.

Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10