Country: USA
Title: Death Devout
Label: Satanath / Metallic Media
Year: 2018
Style: Death Metal

Oh, cool, a CD full of nice surprises starting from the band's line-up which features drummer Mike Heller from Fear Factory, Raven or Malignancy among others, and ending with the composition of the new material: all tracks, or most of them to be precise, are cover versions of some of the best Death Metal classic tracks spawned at the end of the '80's - early / mid '90's. Chad's (Excommunicated's vocalist) story featured in the CD booklet explains it all and is such a fine proof of Death Metal devotion most of us who lived those days will get nice memories reading it. This was intended to be a cover of Morgoth's Cursed album in its entirety, but it ended up featuring 16 covers of tracks from such bands as: Napalm Death, Grave, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Obituary, Bokt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse and others, all fantastic gifts for OSDM fanatics, it even features a guitar solo by James Murphy on the Obituary's Intoxicated cover version. Beside the Death Metal covers the album features a couple of Horror Ambient inserts by Cernunnos from Hæresiarchs Of Dis and two covers of non Death Metal artists Anal Cunt and Samhain which I don't know and don't understand the purpose of. Anyway, the band states that a followup album with other Death Metal classics is possible in the future and I hope they'll do more, and also that it's possible they'll go for a Black Metal classics, too. Cool, recommended material, a nice tribute to the gods of Death Metal.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10