Country: Armenia
Title: About Pessimistic Elements & Rebirth of Tragedy
Label: Satanath Records / The Eastern Front
Year: 2017
Style: Black Metal

This Black Metal duo was founded in 2010 apparently in Iran, then relocated to Georgia, and finally now they're based in Armenia, quite a journey, isn't it? This is their second full-length album, a 7 tracks effort clocking less than half an hour of playing time, but what's weird about it is that these tracks were written in 2010, only the lyrics were edited during 2017, even if in 2016 the band released a full-length album and an EP, so I guess they were pretty active in their first year of existence, then just focused on finding suitable labels to release their music. the music is based on simple, repetitive riffs, that remind me of the second wave of Norwegian Black Metal, but there's also a modern Black Death influence surrounding it all. The drums are synthetic and annoying at times, which is the weakest feature in Garhelenth's music, but the good guitar leads compensate, and the expressive, evil vocal section is also a very good addition to the whole. An interesting album with a few good moments, not boring, but not rising up to the expectations when you see the excellent job the labels did for this CD, starting from the cover artwork (apparently done by Satanath's owner) and ending with an exquisite pit-art CD. For fans of traditional Black Metal with repetitive riffs and occasional melodic moments. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10