Band: HEIR
Country: France
Title: Au peuple de l'abîme
Label: Le Crepuscule du Soir
Year: 2017
Style: Sludge Black Metal

Heir marked their official debut last year, on the three-way split with Spectrale and In Cauda Venenum, although they've released an EP prior to that, but the EP was only "released" digitally. Here I have their debut album, a 5 tracks effort lasting for 40 minutes, offering the same type of modern Black Metal mixed with Sludge elements. On a layer of ultra-fast double-bass led drums (well, there are plenty of variations to this, too, so don't worry, this is no nonsense speed and that's it), Heir builds some dense, obscure, almost sinister harmonies highlighted by dissonant and complex guitar work, pretty tough to digest, an intense, upfront, powerful bass line and a vicious, raspy ghoul-like vocalist. Compared to the stuff on their split Heir's compositions sound more curdled, more oppressive and depressive to a certain degree, and it's clear they've chosen their path, but this is just the beginning, some more memorable elements would do well on their next works. As I said, this is an oppressive and dense work, like a wall of thick, suffocating smoke, with a few calm, meditative passages, too. To be honest Heir's music on this album made me think of a climber on top of a peak, fighting with the power of the winds and snow, it's that piercing and intense, but try it yourselves and make your own mind.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10