Country: Poland
Title: Zolte Kwiaty
Label: Independent
Year: 2017
Style: Melodic Folk Metal

The second album of Warsaw's Little Forest Devils brings with it an extended continuation of the debut album. Although the band is already a well-established as folk metal band, there you can hear echoes and influences from other musical genres. "Yellow Flowers" album based on the energy melodic riffs  and lot of references taken from gothic metal and gothic rock, powermetal, or even cold wave too. Quasi-classical female vocals (in my opinion a bit evocative of  split-up Polish formation Delight doped by San Salvador's Earendill) interact with guitars musically moving the border of melodic metal and gothic-rock with a touch of melodic punk as The Ramones. Then there rubbing against electronic riffs evocative of the Polish coldwave legendary band Siekiera. Folkmetal's spirit in "Yellow Flowers" also combines black metal with a touch of austerity too, though deeply hidden. Simple rhythms and riffs and melodic female vocals (zipping "from folklore to opera"), sung so that the text is well understood are the essence of the second album Lesne Licho and this translates into a concert activity of the group. For years, I repeat consequently, that in the works of metal bands it is the second album is the most difficult to burn - after a successful debut interior to keep power and yet not get into a rut - the "yellow flowers" I have the impression that the devil was manageable Forest. Rhythm and climate are similar to the previous album - but the solidity of the production is progressive. And there was also the pinch of ballad nostalgia - after all it's folkmetal. Lyrics based on Polish Fantasy and old tales, and bonus track is singin' in English.
Reviewed by Vilcin
Rating: 8/10