Country: Sweden
Title: Craterface
Label: Discouraged Records
Year: 2018
Style: Punk Grindcore

I've reviewed quite a handful of Swdish bands lately most of them having a retrograde approach on music, a return to the core of Metal music, to the extreme, abrasive, offensive side of Metal rather than the melodic side of it; who knows, it might be Swedish scene's response to the nowadays over-polished production, to the increase melodic and clean approach even in Extreme Metal, a defense mechanism that makes them plunge deep into muddy, whirling waters. Lonely Grave is on the same path, this debut album (or is it an EP actually?) of theirs being made of 11 tracks (only 16 minutes of playing time) of violent, fast, chaotic, demented Punk Grindcore with Hardcore and Noisecore influences on top of it, so a tremendously aggressive display of Extreme Metal perfectly portrayed by the cover art. Nothing progressive or innovative here, but definitely passionate, honest, devastating music to discharge your frustrations; I'm curious how their live shows look like. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10