Country: Sweden
Title: Mad Hatter
Label: Art Gates
Year: 2018
Style: Power Metal

Rather impressive to have a band like this formed in a year and debuted with a full-length album less than a year later, on a pretty serious label as Art Gates is, and sounding so carefully thought and constructed. It's clear we're dealing with top-notch musicians here, and this debut album is just the proof of that, 11 tracks clocking an hour of melodic Power Metal, mostly fast-paced, built on a skeleton of fantasy-like keyboards, a very nice combination of regular epic Power Metal keys and '80's Electro synths. As we all know a Power Metal band needs an impressive voice to front it and Mad Hatter have just that, a versatile, capable, professional vocalist that can go anywhere he wants with his tonalities. Apart from the already mentioned fine keyboards and vocals, Mad Hatter's first album rises to any other classic (Italian and not only) Power Metal album when the best days of this genre, the end of the '90's - beginning of the 00's, I'm sure fans of this genre will enjoy this album a lot. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10