Country: Poland
Title: The Future of Immortality
Label: Grimm Distribution
Year: 2017
Style: Death Metal

I'm not a big fan of re-releases, especially nowadays when there are so many new materials popping out every day, but if an album is self-released at first, with low promotion and in low quantity, I can of course understand the need of the band to display their work to a wider audience. I think that's the case here, too, as Polish Manipulation first released this debut album in 2007 by themselves, which I don't know what impact had back then, but I guess not so much, so here they are re-releasing it under the Satanath wings, with vocals totally re-recorded by the current vocalist. To be honest I wouldn't think this is recorded back in 2007, there's nothing to betray the fact it's composed 10 years ago, to me it sound as fresh as any modern material, reminding me of a mix between Behemoth and Cattle Decapitation; fast, merciless rhythms with occasional respiro moments, a fantastic visceral vocal, with production bringing vocals upfront most of the time, giving the whole even more of a ferocious attitude, and with an instrumental part that doesn't refuse any influences and manages to blend them successfully into a form of modern Death Metal recommended to fans of any Extreme Metal fanatics out there, it's a really good material that deserved the backup from a label like Satanath, hopefully the band will come up with something new soon.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10