Country: France
Title: Axis of Blood
Label: Battlesk'rs Productions
Year: 2015 (re-release 2017)
Style: Black Metal


This is the second edition of the second Osculum Infame album, and I have to say it makes perfect sense the first edition from 2015 sold out. We're dealing here with a masterpiece, and although this band's debut was such an appreciated material, this one is even better in my opinion. It has so many facets, so much to discover and enjoy on each of the 11 tracks featured here, and most of the time the band spews so much venom and disgust towards humanity it's mindblowing, and I say most of the time because there are also some melancholic moments thrown inthere (especially on White Void, the 8th track) to spice things up. To some extent it reminds me of Hirilorn's debut album and the impact it had on me when I listened to it first, only this is better, it has more depth and substance while following the same type of technical, satanic, sophisticated, atmospheric approach on Black Metal. This is the heavy, oppressive, scarry type of Black Metal most of us fans of this genre are usually looking for, so from my point of view it's a perfect hit, a fantastic album you'd better at least give a listen to. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10