Country: Czech Republic
Title: Bleeding Civilization
Label: Amputated Vein Records
Year: 2016
Style: Brutal Death Metal

It's quite a while since PSG released their second album, back in 2008, but since then the band changed it's line-up almost completely, with guitarist Yarda remaining the only founding member still active, and his new colleagues joining PSG only in 2014. Keeping this in mind, it's quite impressive they managed to write and release a new album in less than 2 years. The new material is made of 9 tracks plus a bonus, the title track from Opressed Reality, their debut album, and clocks half an hour of groovy Brutal Death Metal with serious Grindcore and Hardcore influences all over. The production is organic to the bone, but at the same time it's not abrasive or harsh, on the contrary, it's quite warm, leaving the obvious Death Grind brutality to be led by the composition manner and execution, quite a bold thing in my opinion, but it works fine in PSG's case. All in all we get a massive and oppressive Death Grind album, stripped of most of Today's over-production and polishing and delivered naked, in all its brutality, with plenty of ideas to stick to one's mind. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10