Country: Peru
Title: Madremuerte
Label: Moscow Funeral League
Year: 2016
Style: Doom Death Metal

This is an already old album one could say as it's more than 2 years old now, but I've just received it from the band so I guess this is what represents them still, and there are no other releases after it signed by Psicorragia. Although the band was founded in 1994, so we're dealing here with a veteran name of the Peruvian scene, this is only their second studio album, released no less than 15 years after their official debut material, the album La pasión de lo mortal out on American Line Prod. in 2001. We're treated here with an old-school kind of Doom Death Metal, an analog sounding, visceral, horrifying at times, kind of experimental type of Doom Death that reminded me of the Eastern European scene of the '90's, especially the Czech scene. There's a ton of experimentation here, yet the means used are the ones used in the '90's, harmonies constructed mostly by the guitar work, supported by somehow dusty sounding keyboard tonalities, and to add depth into the sinister atmospheres, a traditional, brutal sounding, American-influenced Death Metal type of guitar riffs to spice things up. Slow to mid-tempo rhythms will keep you glued to your player from start to finish if you're into the '90's Doom Death, that kind of ingenuous yet enthusiastic music that presents to the listener a band that sounds like they are aiming for the stars while being 100% honest and devoted to their craft. Good stuff, we don't hear much of these sounds lately, so I'd say it's dusty and fresh at the same time.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10