Country: Czech Republic / Canada / Ukraine
Title: Atomic Grind 3 Way
Label: More Hate / Darknagar
Year: 2017
Style: Death Grind / Death Grind / Grind

Who let the dogs out? Who, who? And they are fuckin' rabid, too! Sick three-way Grind split featuring three band that have a fair (not huge, but fair) name in the underground Grindcore scene, so plenty to enjoy for the fans of this music. 
Opening are Rubufaso Mukufo, who are back after a 7 years hiatus in what concerns new releases, their previous studio material being also their debut album, ReMoLAB, in 2010. These 11 tracks are actually the tracks making the come-back EP, Violent Show, released by the band in digital format earlier in 2017. 11 tracks of fast paced Death Grind (occasional mid-paced passages to break monotony, too) with violent, rabid vocals, demented, complex drumming, good technical guitar inserts beside the regular heavy-ass riffs, an intense and insame atmosphere surrouning everything, it's like they just broke out of a mental hospital and killed a fair share of humans in the meantime. Sick, twisted, groovy, violent Death Grind.
Nervous Impulse from Canada is next, with 5 absolutely obliterating ultra-fast and terribly brutal tracks led by two types of sick vocals: uncontrollable vicious screams and cuffed yet sickening growls. The isntrumental part is a delight for any fans of this genre, it's impressive how these guys are blending so well absolute devastation with technique at staggering speed throughout their set. That kind of brutal music that will have your jaw meet the floor, especially when the gusy reach those sick guitar solos passages to makeeverything even more intricate.
Epicrise from Ukraine present us 7 tracks, 4 from their 2008 Dead Sea demo plus 3 covers, so I guess they either wanted to show their followers they are still alive, or they are finally preparing a real come-back after their 2008 debut and so far only full-length album. Intense, fast, heavy and disgusting Grindcore to make you puke your guts out; cool organic production, too!
Excellent split, if you're into this kind of music don't miss it, it's well worth your few bucks! Intense is the first word that comes to mind after the audition.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10   9.5/10   8/10