Country: Cuba
Title: Progenies ov Light
Label: Satanath Records / Black Metal Propaganda
Year: 2018
Style: Black Metal

Wow, Black Metal has reached Cuba as well, that's impressive. Although a one man band, this Skjult act is if not the first, certainly among the first Metal acts I've heard emerging from this exotic (to most of us) country. And the surprise is Skjult actually sounds damn well, its form of occult, deep, oppressive sounding Black Metal sounds way better than I would have expected, that's for sure. This is fast paced, pounding, relentless, brutal Black Metal heavily influenced by bands like Urgehal (mostly by them), Dark Funeral or Watain delivered with a seriously dense and oppressive atmosphere which I think is the best feature in Skjult's music. Conspirator, the man behind this project, did his homework well and produced a solid material with plenty of good riffs, brutal drumming that although programmed (I think) doesn't sound synthetic or out of place at all, actually it sounds natural and improves the depth of this material. What can I say, a find discovery, not something to inovate or bring something original to the table, but an act that sounds honest and 100% devoted to its art.   
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10