Country: France
Title: Black Phlegm
Label: Zanjeer Zani Productions
Year: 2017
Style: Sludge Doom Metal

Hailing from the beautiful city of Toulouse, Soyz Bear were founded in 2012, and here they are after 5 years releasing their debut album, a 6 tracks effort clocking a bit over half an hour of music. Mixing Sludge, Doom and a few Black Metal (on vocals) and even Hardcore (I'd say) spices here and there, their music sounds versatile enough to trouble your intuition, basically you won't be able to tell what's going to happen next (ffs, there's even a Noise track thrown inthere!), and that's great! I wouldn't say they are groundbreaking or anything, but the album is interesting, has a nice flow and becomes catchy from the first audition, there's enough heaviness to involve the Doom fanatics, enough dirt to cater the Sludge followers, and enough versatility to get on others' playlists, too, so from my point of view the band reached its purpose with their debut. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10